Laser Projection

LPT8 Laser ProjectorIn addition to the Bluco precision welding tables, Hutchinson Manufacturing Inc. (HMI) has added a LPT8 precision laser projector to assist welders with complex assemblies. This projector uses HMI’s or our customer’s 3D CAD models to project part outlines, with an accuracy to 0.010”.  This allows the welders to position parts in 3D space precisely and without hard stops or special tooling. HMI Laser Positioning4 Using the LPT8 reduces the the need for tooling set-ups on smaller jobs without adding costs.

Complex components which require work-holding clamps, stops or special tooling can be placed in 3D space using the LPT8 laser projector. This system indicates the exact location of tooling, the orientation, and the required amount of spacing. The laser projector has proven to reduce set-up times by 50% to 75%, affording more time for welding, reducing chance of human error, and further increases HMI’s production efficiency and overall part quality. HMI Laser Positioning2HMI Laser Positioning1

By utilizing the laser projector, HMI has reduced assembly times, adds additional quality control measures and conquers difficult assemblies. New uses for the projector are continually being developed, making HMI’s welding capabilities and accuracy unmatched by others!


  • LPT8 Laser Projector
  • Driven by an external computer using 3D CAD data
  • Projection range from 6 ft to 25 ft
  • 2D and 3D projections
  • Positional Accuracy of ± 0.010 in
Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC