High Def Plasma & Oxy Cut

High Definition Plasma Welding

Acquired in 2010 by Hutchinson Manufacturing (HMI), the Retro Systems Mega Hornet 3000 Sheet and Plate Cutting System is equipped with a 400 amp Hypertherm Hi-Definition Plasma System with True-Hole Technology to provide our customers with quality parts that meet the demands of industry.  This machine has proven to be a true compliment to the fabrication department by cutting materials too thick for laser cutting systems.

High Def Plasma & Oxy Cut Capabilities

  • Volume plate cutting
  • 120″ X 480″ cutting area with down draft table
  • Hi-Definition plasma cutting up to 2 1/2″ carbon steel and 2″ stainless steel
  • Oxy-Fuel cutting up to 12″ thick carbon steel
  • Complete material heat-lot traceability
  • High speed cutting with repeatable accuracy

Hi-Def Plasma Controls

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC