Cutting & Metal Fabrication

Complete fabrication capabilities provide quick turnaround of Laser, Plasma, and Formed Components up to 10’ wide by 40’ long

Hutchinson Manufacturing offers a wide variety of fabrication and machining services for even the biggest and heaviest parts. All CNC machines are directly linked to our CAD/CAM network increasing efficiency and accuracy, and decreasing costs.

Our large capacity and modern equipment allow a wide variety of material grades and thicknesses to be sawed, plasma and laser cut, formed, and machined to your specifications. Quality is maintained through statistical process control and schedules are carefully reviewed to ensure delivery dates are met.

We provide the capability to work with your pre-existing CAD geometry or can develop details as needed.

Material Capabilities:

  • Laser cutting
  • High Def Plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Press Break Forming
  • Plate Rolling


  • Small, large, thick, or thin parts are handled easily
  • Modern equipment ensures accuracy and value
  • All fabrication services are under one roof, providing our clients efficiency in procuring their fabricated metal needs
Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC