Hutchinson Manufacturing is a metal fabrication company located in Hutchinson, Minnesota. We offer a wide range of industrial manufacturing services with complete capabilities in house. Our services are offered as standalone value added for cutting, welding, machining, paint and assembly, all in one location.

Hutchinson Manufacturing is a highly capable industrial contract manufacturer located in the heartland of Minnesota specializing in Large Weld Assemblies, Heavy Metal Fabrication, Large Mechanical Assemblies, Medium Weldments and Mechanical Assemblies, as well as a wide range of Close Tolerance Machined Components.

Hutchinson Manufacturing has an extensive collection of manufacturing and fabrication processes under one roof.  These include plate and sheet fabrication, forming, milling, turning, welding, assembly, blasting, NDE, and painting.  In addition, the company provides manufacturing engineering and project management to support a full service contract manufacturing experience.

Safety is #1 with our management and staff. We are 10CFR21 and 10CFR50 certified compliant. We also provide Third Party Dedication of materials and components produced by either on-site or off.

Cutting and Fabrication

We have experience in a wide variety of material grades and thicknesses to be sawed, plasma and laser cut, press brake formed, and machined to your specifications. All CNC machines are directly linked to our CAD/CAM network increasing efficiency and accuracy, and decreasing costs. Quality is maintained through statistical process control and schedules are carefully reviewed to ensure delivery dates are met. Read more about our material capabilities in metal fabrication.


Our certified welding team has proficiency in MIG and TIG welding processes and work with diverse materials. Position fillet, butt welds or complex out of position welding we have the systems in place to meet demanding weld expectation. We have experience in industrial valves, weld neck flanges, swivel joins, fluid ends, spools and more. Our techniques are not limited to deep bore cladding, ring groove and all types of intersecting bores. What are your welding needs?


The Hutchinson Manufacturing machine centers have a full range of capabilities. Forging, casting or large weldments are delivered to customers with the highest quality. Our machining shop has an array of equipment for vertical and horizontal milling and component part turning. Find out more about our large manufacturing machine centers.

Large Weld Bay for metal fabrication

Paint and Finishing

Available coatings include polyurethane, urethane, enamel, zinc phosphate, texture finish and other large brand paints. Our 15’ W x 17′ H x 60’ L blast and paint booths handle large manufactured component part sizes. We utilize a monorail, over-head crane and special rolling carts depending on the project. In addition, we have a custom designed hydraulic transport dolly for components weighing as much as 75 tons. Watch a video and learn more about Hutchinson’s material prep and finishing services.


We put the manufactured components together in our assembly bay which allows assemblies up to 20 tons with a 21 foot hook. Each job is led by an experienced project manager who provides an accurate multi-level Bill of Materials and thorough work instruction documentation. Read more about our assembly service for manufactured parts post-production.

Non Destructive Testing

As an extension of your manufacturing operations, Hutch Inspection Services offers laboratory and on-site Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation. Industries we’ve worked with include: Defense, Aerospace, Nuclear, Medical, Oil & Gas, Food Processing, Agriculture, Industrial and others. We can test at your facility or ours. Hutch Inspection services offers consultation for your in-house quality operations. Read more about our inspection services.

Recognized compliance and certifications:

ISO 9001:2015 certified
10CFR50 certified – Appendix B compliant
10CFR21 compliant
ASME NQA-1:1994 compliant
EPRI NP-5652 Dedication
CSA Standard W47.1 (Canadian Welding Bureau)

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC