Machining Center

Machine centers are well equipped to shape small piece parts or large fabricated materials. The turning equipment can hold material in excess of 20 tons and horizontal boring up to 20 feet in length. Whether it’s a custom job or contract manufacturing, forging, casting or large multi-axis weldments produced are served with the highest quality, value and on time delivery. Modern CNC equipment and certified machine operators can meet the demands of nuclear, defense and commercial industries.

CNC Machining

“Computer numerical control” or CNC gives machining manufacturers fully automated, precision cuts and shaping to the final product. The CNC machines are directly linked to a CAD/CAM network to increase efficiency, boost accuracy and reduce costs. Giving machine centersĀ a wide variety of stainless steel and other material grades and thicknesses to be sawed, cut, formedĀ  and machined to specification. Machining quality is maintained through statistical process control and are carefully reviewed to ensure scheduled delivery is met.

Traditional Machining

Toshiba 6" 4 Plus AxisAs an extension of cutting, the machining process is where metal materials are worked into their final design. Machining methods of cutting, machine turning, boring, drilling, milling, broaching, sawing, shaping, planing, reaming and tapping shape the fabricated metal.

Machining Tools and Services

The machining process utilizes a variety of tools and machines to achieve the customer’s design specifications. Processes, guided by CNC machines used by the machine centers include:

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC