Rail car maintenanceHutchinson Manufacturing (HMI) is a custom metal fabricator to the Transportation industry. Our winning combination of detailed QA systems and large capability in sophisticated weldments, machining and coatings have made HMI a supplier of choice to the transportation market.

The New York Transit Authority (NYTA) presented a challenge to HMI to find a way to reduce the weight of their rail maintenance cars so it could carry more rails.  The existing cars had a maximum load of 28 rails it could carry.  Together with our customers a rail maintenance car was manufactured with high yield strength materials that resulted in reduced overall car weight so that its load capacity could handle 30 rails.

Capability Highlights

  • Engineering
  • Welding processes and skill
  • Compliance to specifications

TR-10 Tie ExchangerExamples of Transportation Projects:

  • Clbrant rail door openers
  • Railway Equipment Company rail switch heaters
  • Fairmont Tamper frames, tie holder grippers
  • Harsco TR-10 Tie Exchanger, cab and arm assembly
Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC