Energy/Oil & Gas

Subsea TreeHutchinson Manufacturing (HMI) is a custom metal fabricator to the Energy, Oil & Gas industries.  Our winning combination of detailed QA systems and large capability in sophisticated weldments, machining and coatings have made HMI a supplier of choice to gas turbine air filtration systems, sub-sea christmas trees and sub-sea distribution customers.

Our full range of manufacturing capabilities, advanced quality systems, and talented staff enables HMI to meet the stringent requirements of the power generation, sub-sea and surface Oil & Gas industries.

Capability highlights

  • Technical know-how and experience with API 6A and 17D, DNV and ABS specification
  • Safety, Quality Assurance programs and culture
  • Material traceability and quality documentation
  • Clad and overlay of 625 Inconel
  • Machining of Inconel
  • Full range of Seat Pocket Tooling

“Hutchinson Manufacturing is a role model for the type of supplier FMC Technologies want to partner with . They work with our engineers to optimize design to remove costs. They also meet supply chain performance requirements for safety, quality, delivery and cost.”  Mark Jeter, Sourcing Manager, FMC Technologies, Houston, TX.

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC