Positive Material Identification

Visual TestingHutch Inspection Services provides a range of Quality Services that can be performed at your location or shipped to our Hutchinson Minnesota facility.

Quality Services include:

PMI/XRF inspection

  • Positive material identification/ X-ray fluorescence
  • Nondestructive chemical analysis
  • Identify various grades of alloys/stainless

Visual inspection (level II) (SNT-TC-1A/AWS, CWI/ACCP)

  • Visual of surface conditions- corrosion, pitting
  • Visual inspection of welds, components, products and systems

Brinnel Hardness TestingPortable Brinell hardness testing

  • Meets ASTM E 110
  • Automated (type A) Brinell microscope

Leak Testing

  • Leak detection test
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Bubble test – liquid application

Heat treat services

  • Post weld teat treat/Stress relief service
  • Work zone – 3′ wide X 3.5′ tall X 6′ deep (thermocouple reach)
  • Actual inside dimensions – 4.8′ wide X 4.6″ tall X 8′ deep
  • 1300 degree f max temperature
  • 12 channel recorder
  • programmable temperature controller with output

AWS CWI inspection services

  • Certified CWI visual inspections on structures, bridges, tanks, essels, piping, trusses and machines
  • Weld procedure development and qualification
  • Weld procedure specifications (prequalified and qualified by testing)
  • Welder performance qualifications
  • Weld macro-etching
  • Bend testing

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)NACE coating inspection (level II)

  • Inspection of various coating applications
  • Coating system oversight
  • Coating quality system development

Certified API 570 piping inspection

  • 570 Visual Piping inspections to detect in-service/mechanical damage
  • Monitor repair and installation activities for code compliance
  • NDE level II UT thickness, PT and MT inspections
  • Calculation of corrosion rates and remaining life
  • Hydro witnessing

Stationary ZeissDimensional inspection

  • Stationary Zeiss
  • Portable CMM

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