Consultation Services for Large Metal Fabrication

Weld QualificationLet us help you advance your in-house quality operations and effectiveness with our proven know-how.

Consulting Services:

  • Procedure development with Level III oversight
  • PQR Weld Development – AWS, ASME, etc
  • WPS Weld Development – AWS, ASME, etc
  • Welder Qualitifcation (WQTR)
  • Test Procedure Development
  • ACCP/ASNT NDT Guidance

Level III Assistance – Providing a range of highly-skilled support including; administering certification training programs, reviewing and authoring compliant code tests procedures and providing technical support for your particular weld testing project.

Developing Test ProceduresTest Procedure Development (level III service)

  • NDE services consultation
  • Procedure development specific to your capabilitis

Consultations services (CWI, NACE, Level III NDE)

  • Weld quality program oversight
  • NDT program oversight
  • NDT program development
  • Paint quality system oversight/development

Certified API 570 piping inspection

  • 570 Visual Piping inspections to detect in-service/mechanical damage
  • Monitor repair and installation activities for code compliance
  • Test procedure development (level III services)
  • NDE level II UT thickness, PT and MT inspections
  • Calculation of corrosion rates and remaining life
  • Hydro witnessing

“HMI has been a great resource for understanding requirements in both welding and NDE related to products we product for high risk industries” – Nick Haugen, Engineer, DSTI

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Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC