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HMI teams with local artist to create Eagle Sculpture

Eagle headTom Daggett graciously participated in a “Celebrity Artist” fundraising task to create a life-size mixed metal sculpture of an eagle in flight.  He teamed with local artist,
Al Feser, to develop the concept and leveraged HMI resources to CAD design, fabricate and finish.

The eagle sculpture drew much attention from the guests at the Mardi Gras themed event which was hosted by Hutchinson Center for the Arts.  Southwest Initiative Foundation got the winning bid and will be proudly displaying the sculptured artwork on their site.

Tom and Barb Daggett have a long history of being involvement with the community and supporting  their home town of Hutchinson.

tom shaking hands with bidder

Kerry Schmidt on CAD

Artist Al FeserHMI Team

Tom Dagget with art concepts

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC

Hutchinson Manufacturing, LLC